Monday, January 3, 2011

Hatake Kakashi Chidori

Hatake Kakashi Chidori

In this work, a ninja can use his chidori, a kind of internal energy for a series of attacks or strokes. All of the techniques arising from the union of two types of energy, from the body (of each cell) called shintai enerugī (body energy) and the other from the mind (of the experience and training) called seishin enerugī (spiritual energy ), this union is called chidori and the bonding process is called mold chakra.
The location is verified molding chidori is located in the center of the body is here where it flows to different parts of the body after molding. The chakra is often invisible, but when casting or extracted for use in a technique it can be observed as a blue flame.

The chidori to be the spiritual energy of the ninja must be used in calm conditions, which is not being excited, elated or other emotion that could affect the mind and spirit of the user. Because the molding chidori is always used in combat, a ninja must be calm in it.

The different forms of molding chidori give rise to various ninja techniques. For molding chidori is generally used Hitsuji stamp or a version of it.

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