Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anime: Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

           Abenobashi is a funny short anime about summer adventures with a best friend. First I want to explain the characters: Sasshi's a young nerd and pervert he has many hobby's like collecting, video games, sci-fi, and staring at girls. Arumi is Sasshi's best friend, she is flat chested a tomboy, she is also realist and very smart. later you find a wizard or scientific guy named Eutus whom seems to pop up everywhere.
          Sasshi finds out Arumi is moving and this is there last summer together, Sasshi is torn apart by this then when there walking together; Sasshi sees his grandpa falling off the roof.
          Sasshi and Arumi start seeing weird stuff and by some incident get transported to a RPG world kind of like Final Fantasy. they have to fight there way around this weird world: mostly Arumi using Sasshi as a shield. They meet a weird busty red head searching for a guy, and a wizard Eutus wizard, whom is the guy the girl is searching for. In the end they figure out the world and a little guy transports them home....but they get transported to another world.
        Turns out when Sasshi sees his grandpa die and Arumi leaving he couldn't handle reality, and each world is a weird version of the town based on his hobby's. A young guy like that just can't handle that many saddening moments and just shuts down, Eutus teaches him the ways of universe transportation. Eutus tells him the story about the redhead, she use to be his grandma whom feel in love with Eutus in the real world; and when she either left him or died that part i don't remember, Eutus used the cities powers to create a world where she exists. According to Eutus though no matter what you can't bring a loved one back, no matter what world you create, you will never see your grandpa and must grow up and deal with your emotions.
       This anime is funny especially for us hobbyists, it has a great morale story to it, and some sad parts all in all it's a great anime and I suggest watching it.
This is a Zaney AMV that might show the craziness of the show.

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