Monday, January 24, 2011

the Great D. N. Angels

the Great D. N. Angels


Each combination of colors seen is who they are, what they have accomplished and what responsibilities they have. All Holy Angels have different colors inside their mid-region, constantly turning and shimmering like a beautiful gem in the sun. What Angels look like has to do with what they were created to do.
All love God and desire his name to be sanctified and his will to be done and wish to participate in making that happen. Most do more than their share now to cover what used to be done by the Angels that fell.

There is a hierarchy in place for clear organization for what needs to be done, and additional blessings and responsibilities for those who do it. There are Guardian Angels, Healing Angels, Protection Angels, Homing Angels (Angels who help at death), and so many more.
All Angels were individually created specifically for the roles they do. In fact, both the Greek words ag'ge-los and Hebrew mal-akh' actually mean "messenger" or "spirit messenger" and occur in the Bible nearly 400 times.

Angels have many privileges, which includes giving messages to mankind. They are not people who were once alive, and they were here before mankind ever came on the scene. All Angels were originally created Holy, but were also created with free will, just as humans were. The Holy Angels: these are some of the most beloved creatures the universe has ever known. And all are around us all the time, and all will be addressed in this article.

There is also a third smaller segment of unHoly Angels called "Those Who Watch," a group that do not agree with Satan and the demons or participate with them in evil, yet are separate from God and the Holy Angels because of the choices they have made in contradiction to God's will.
One of our responsibilities is to discern who is who - for all the Angels were once of the same brotherhood, but that brotherhood is now divided into Holy and unHoly Angels. They have many responsibilities in their roles as workers for God. And indeed, that is one of the roles of the Holy Angels; supernatural guidance, protection, miracles, visions, even the soft swaying within to help us make the right choices.

One of the reasons for this is because they or a loved one has experienced, felt, heard or seen things that cannot be explained in any other way. In fact most people today believe that Angels exist and have an influence on people's lives.
These are very real questions you need to know - because if you believe in Angels, it opens up a whole new world of more questions needing to be answered about God, about the different kinds of Angels, and what effect Angels have on our lives today. Or are Angels just a quaint store-manufactured product made to flood the market with cherub-faced dolls with wings? What do they look like that and is there a way to see them?

If so, do they influence your life? Do Angels really exist?

the Great D. N. Angels

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