Friday, January 7, 2011

Anime: Comic Party

            Comic Party is a short series that is pretty funny, its has a minor romance as well but this anime is more about following your passion and following your dreams.
            The main character is Kazuki, in his senior year he is wondering what to do with his life, he is a fantastic artist. Taishi is a class mate that pushes Kazuki into comic conventions and tells Kazuki he wants them to make a group to make comics for a living.
           Kazuki at first doesn't understand anything about comics, he starts making ones that has a little bit of every genre, which fails miserably which causes Kazuki to almost quit. His best friend through junior high Mizuki tries throughout the series, to stop him saying he is wasting his time, and she is also is creeped out by the whole anime nerds type thing. Mizuki though hating that kind of stuff, is the one that helped Kazuki not quit, she wanted him to follow his passion, but she likes the way he use to draw.
        Kazuki decides to make a comic based on his own style, him and all his friends help him finish and copy all his work in a few hours when all the printing places are closed, just to barely finish in time for the comic convention.
       Kazuki meets a few anime friends on the way through the series, two rival artists whom fight a lot, daughter of a printing company, a fellow new comic artist, and a few cosplayers. even though this anime is short I love it because it makes you feel with friends you can follow your passion.

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