Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas! All-Anime-Fans!

Merry Christmas to all anime lovers, fans and creators.Sorry for my absents and the late posting but even for me the spirit of the holidays are coming to its true form.
I wanted to wish all of our fans a warm and happy MERRY CHRISTMAS, and to thank you for being for these past year again along side us.
And now, our well knowed animes would like to show you how they have prepared for this Christmas and how they want to spend it too.Everyone of youre favorite character is here, all dresst-up, with presents along side them and full of happyness and joy.On behafe of me,host-Vanesa, and all of youre favorite characters, we would like to tell you again to have a Merry Christmas and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Taiga and the crew:Lets open our presents togheter!
Amu-chan,Ran,Micky,Su and Dia:Happy Christmas!
Tamaki,Haruhi and the houst club:Happy X-mass!
Naruto and his gang:Play fair with the SNOW!

Sheryl and Ranka:Have a fabulos holyday!
Sora and her team:Happy Hanuka!

Kallen and Lelouch:Have a happy holyday!

All and Ed:Even on road think about home!
Rukia and Urahara:Have a warm Christmas!

"Yuki deska Yorogi-san"-Kobato
Merry Christmas!-host:Vanesa-chan

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