Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anime: Please Twins

             Please Twins is a funny spin off of Please Teacher with some of the original characters. Some of the characters you may remember is Mizuho, Kaede, and the last episode you see in the end; all of the original characters meet up.
            Maiku is a programmer and is only in high school; he is currently alone. one day a redhead named Miina; comes to him showing a picture of when they were kids, saying they are twins. Maiku is annoyed but in the end lets her stay. A day or two later another girl named Karen comes with the same picture saying she is his twin. All three have the same picture and they all i have blue eyes, but only one is related to Maiku.
           The three not only have to deal with the fact that one may be family to Maiku, but the girls get feelings for him, Miina's is more perverted with real love, and Karen loves him but don't understand her feelings.
            Maiku- is uptight and likes things his way, he is also the most mature of the three.
            Miina- is hyperactive, physical, and slightly perverted, she makes the plans out of the two girls.
            Karen- is the shy, quiet, sweet type, that can cook, she also faints when surprised which happens a lot.
          The last episode they do find out who is the sister and the other fears being kicked out, Maiku says he will do anything to have them both stay which includes even marrying the non sister. You have to find out yourself who the sister is, this show is a definite must watch but I strongly suggest watch Please Teacher first.

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