Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Anime Movie: Only Yesterday

            This is a Isao Takahata film but its from Studio Ghibli, so I want to talk about this film. This anime has no English voice overs, but its worth watching it subtitled.
            Taeko is a 27 year old single women that has always lived in Tokyo. In the era She lives in thats real old to be single, Taeko works in a boring business. Every year Taeko takes a vacation to the country side to her elder sister in laws. During this years trip and while there, she starts thinking about herself in fifth grade.
            The films goes from her past back to present, a few things she remembers is getting hand me downs, first and last time her father ever hit her, almost becoming famous, her first Period, first crush, feeling sad for a poor boy, etc...
            During the trip she meets up with a friend of the family, they get along very well. SPOILER: Her past self and friends help her decide not to go home and marry the guy ending the show with a Japanese version of "The Rose".
            This movie is very simple, beautiful, and i admit as a guy crying to this film. This anime is a romance, and realization genre; a definite watch.

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