Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Anime: Please Teacher

            Please Teacher is very funny and romantic, (haha) I seem to like those anime. Please Teacher is about a boy who has a disease where he goes comatose after feeling emotional stress called standstill. the boy Kei at 15 went into a standstill for 3 years, but all his memories and body is still like he was 15.
            One day he sees a alien spaceship and witnesses a beautiful woman, just then he goes into a standstill. Kei wakes thinking everything was a dream, going to school the next they get a new teacher; the beautiful red head Mizuho.
            Kei remembers her and she tries to stop him from telling anyone, getting accidentally stuck in the sports closest. The principle opens the door, and she almost gets fired but Kei and his family step up, and say he is married to her and he is actually 18. Kei and Mizuho quickly make up the papers get married and live together and they barely know each other.
            Now Kei and his beautiful teacher have to learn to love each other after marriage, while not telling his group of their married.

                        Characters: Kei - held back, learns that in order to stop going into standstill he must move forward with his emotions.
                                          Mizuho- beautiful, naive, teacher of the group of characters, jealous, sweet, and half alien.
                                          Koishi- Kei's closest friend she loves Kei, because he seems more mature than regular boys, causes relationship issues between Kei and Mizuho.
                                          Ichigo- the shortest of the group, says things beyond her age, likes being mischievous.
                                          Kaede- tall, red head, shy, quiet, easily blushes, and later in the series gets in a relationship with one of the guys.
                                         Hyosuke- loud, obnoxious, dreams of a world outside his little town, one of the more funny characters.
                                         Matagu- the most shyest of guys, dreams of meeting a alien in real life, even considers confessing his love but his shyness stops him.
                                         Marie- Mizuho's ship control and a very funny little creature that loves pocky.

              All other characters you will have to see in the anime, because I consider this group the main characters. I'm going to talk about Please Twins a spin off of this anime with a few of the original characters, please watch this first.

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