Thursday, December 23, 2010

Anime: DearS

Miu, Ren, Takeya
                  DearS is a very funny anime series only lasting 13 episodes. Dears Follows along the type of anime that is Chobits, with very similar plots. Both anime have a man whom either gets stuck with or takes a girl into his home. DearS and Chobits have a conflict interest, Chobits he has to decide if its okay to love a android, DearS the main character has to decide if its okay to love an alien woman with a small twist.
                A year ago aliens have crashed landed on Tokyo bay, and now are becoming transfer students to become more familiar with human customs.
            Takeya a 17 year old who lives on his own, has to go to school where everyone loves DearS. Takeya thanks to his life long friend Neneko has a fear of aliens, from alien horror films watched as a kid.
           Takeya finds a naked girl whom kisses him then passes out, he reluctantly takes her home and takes care of her. Her name is very hard to pronounce so he calls her Ren.
           Takeya and Neneko decides to pass her off as the new Transfer student, after magically learning how to speak from instantly reading all the grammar books. Takeya soon finds out from Ren that kiss meant she was his slave from now on, and all DearS are slaves and there masters didn't give a damn about them.
          Throughout the series Ren learns the meaning of the emotion love, and Takeya Accepts her as his slave; after the others call her defective and tries to take her away. DearS is way more perverted than Chobits, The slaves dress and act a lot like BDSM(Bondage slave/master relationships) slaves. Takeya's grammar teacher rights sex novels and constantly tries to make her students do or say perverted stuff. EXAMPLE: Ren's getting human clothes and she runs out to Takeya trying to get approval in her lingerie, the teacher catches them and thinks there having a three way with Neneko and wants to join but can't.
         DearS is a great funny anime, with similarities to Chobits and asks that all important question, is it morally okay to be in love outside our species. It's a short anime so I suggest watching it and only buying if u fall in love with it. On a side note tell me your favorite anime that some people may not know and i'll watch it and blog it, and even give a shout out to the first person that suggested it.

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