Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Anime Movie: Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

            Ponyo is the latest film from Miyazaki well the latest I know of. Ponyo is like a Japanese version of the Little Mermaid. This movie is another film that portrays fantasy, innocents, and true love. ENTIRE MOVIE SPOILER:
            Ponyo's father keeps her in a aquarium along with her sisters, as he works to keep the ocean balanced. Ponyo is very curious and the most powerful of her sisters, like most children she is very curious and runs off to see the world.
            Ponyo(which looks like a goldfish at the moment with a human face) meets a young boy named Sosuke. Sosuke helps Ponyo out of a jar, and ends up cutting himself which Ponyo licks; and the wound heals up.
            Ponyo goes and shows the elderly the magic fish; where his mom works, then he tries to hide it while is in school; which fails and he runs back to the nursing home. While this is happening Ponyo's father searches for her and takes her back, making Sosuke very sad and feels like he failed her.
            Ponyo escapes after drinking all her dads elixirs, her and her sisters become very powerful and help Ponyo find Sosuke. During all this the sea becomes very unbalanced and creates a typhoon. Ponyo finds Sosuke and she looks like a human girl now. Sosuke's mom goes to the nursing home to help the elderly, while Sosuke takes care of Ponyo.
           Sosuke and Ponyo go on a little adventure after the storm dies down, to find his mom; they use Sosuke's toy boat enlarged through Ponyo magic. During this most the elderly, Sosuke's mom, and Ponyo's mom and dad are talking down at the bottom of the ocean. Ponyo's dad gets Sosuke and Ponyo as she is tuckered out from the journey. Ponyo's and Sosuke's mom ask Sosuke if he truly loves Ponyo and will always protect her, and that in order to be with Sosuke she has to give up magic. Ponyo and Sosuke agree and everyone goes back to surface and the oceans completely okay, And to finish the deal Ponyo kisses Sosuke to be full human.
This movie is very magical and romantic and will make you feel like a child again a definite add to the Miyazaki collection for the entire family.

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