Friday, December 31, 2010

Anime: Tenchi Muyo

           Tenchi Muyo has 3 different series all revolving around the same characters. This is a very funny harem series with Tenchi stuck in the middle, all series are based on science fiction, comedy, relationships.
           Tenchi is the hero 2 of the many girls have crushes on him and fight over him all the time. There is a genius, a couple of space police, a little girl and Tenchi's father and grandpa.
           Tenchi- strong, brave, half alien not shy but indecisive, all the friends revolve around him.
           Ryoko- strong, alien space pirate, knows what she wants, tries to get Tenchi to be intimate with her.
           Ayeka- a space princess which has the same blood as Tenchi, also fights with Ryoko to be with Tenchi, a bit snobbish but good hearted.
          Sasami- Ayeka's sister most mature out of the girls, cooks well, and is very sweet.
          Washu- a alien super genius use to be evil, but because of Tenchi's friendship she is good.
           Mihoshi and Kiyone-  A couple of space pirates Mihoshi is very klutzy and is a airhead, Kiyone the more mature and best friend of Mihoshi, says Mihoshi holds her back but wont leave her.
          Ryo-Ohki- is Ryoko's space ship that can take the form of a tiny bunny that meows.
          Tenchi's grandfather Yosho- turns out to be part of the same royal family Ayeka is from.
          This is a great anime about relationships, friendships, and doing whatever it takes to protect the one you love, with great action and comedy.

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