Friday, December 24, 2010

Anime: Ai Yori Aoshi

Aoi and Kaoru
             Ai Yori Aoshi is a 1 season anime mostly a romance with some comedy, about a couple promised to each other since childhood.
            Kaoru  is a college student who was born from a rich father but never married his mother. Kaoru mother was poor and when his father died his grandfather took care of him. Kaoru is now living in his own apartment, going to college and have a few friends.
           Kaoru was meant to be married to a girl from another rich family named Aoi, but when he walked out on the family canceled the arrange marriage.
          Aoi runs off to find her childhood friend Kaoru because she only wants him. for a few days they live in his apartment she wants to be a traditional Japanese wife that cooks, cleans stays home, loves her husband. Kaoru loved her since childhood but never understood his feelings.
          Miyabi a servant of Aoi allows Kaoru and Aoi to be together. Miyabi also allows Aoi and Kaoru to move to the family summer house and cant tell anyone their together so their isn't a media uproar.
          now heres the funny part  Kaoru has beautiful female friends whom dorm up at there house, even though Aoi doesn't mind they cant get a real private time with each other to be in love, and they cant tell their friends their together. Kaoru and Aoi love flourish but slowly because of the interruptions, and in the end Kaoru steps up to Aoi's father and makes him, to allow them married.
         this is a great anime and only reason I found it was because I watched it through a streaming site, definitely a must watch.

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