Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Anime: Oh My Goddess!

                 Oh My Goddess! is a favorite anime of mine, its a romance and comedy; that is different than most I've seen.
                This anime is about Keiichi a college student that has constant bad luck. Keiichi is in the motorcycle club and gets stuck with all the chores, During the chores he tries to make call for something he forgot to do.
                 The call gets redirected to the Goddess hotline, and Belldandy appears before Keiichi. Belldandy offers any wish he may want, not believing her he jokingly wishes for Belldandy to be by his side forever, which of course came true. Anything that tries to separate them will be stopped, example: because theres a girl in the dorm, the club members kicked him out of the dorm.
               The first night together they slept in a  car, getting to know each other. Because Belldandy did a little magic, they got a place to live at a monks house, soon after he sees Belldandy singing heavenly and decides he isn't holy enough and needs to go on a trip giving them the house totally. Belldandy is pretty much Keiichi's good luck charm but as you can tell through the series he loves her and she loves him.
             Keiichi takes forever to makes a move, I don't think he even kisses her till closer to the end. What makes it worst is Belldandy 2 sisters come to live with them. Urd is the eldest sister and is part devil, she is very sexy, lazy, loves television, and is always trying to make Keiichi's relationship with her sister to go faster by trying to make him have sex with her. Skuld is the youngest genius and and wants all Belldandy's attention, absolutely cant stand Keiichi being near Belldandy.
            This anime is great and i suggest watching it, there are 2 series and a movie.

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