Saturday, December 25, 2010

Anime: Love Hina

         Love Hina is perverted, Harem, comedy, with the main story about a romance. First i'm giving the main story then ill talk about each character.
        Keitaro had a childhood crush whom loved him back, she moved as a kid and they made a promise to get in Tokyo-U together. Keitaro is a loser by all means very uncoordinated and has failed the test to get into Tokyo-U 2 times. Keitaro is about to get kicked from home,  and gets stuck being manager at Hinata house, a all girl apartment building his grandmother owns. Keitaro has to manage his time in the apartment and try to keep his promise to a girl that he cant even remember her name.
         Characters: Keitaro- loser in all meaning of the word.
                           Naru- a girl in the apartment that studies hard for a secret to be in Tokyo-U as well. becomes Keitaro's crush as well giving him mix emotions about the girl he promised.
                           Mutsumi- a girl Naru and Keitaro meet while on vacation very klutzy and sickly very resilient. SPOILER: Mutsumi turns out to be the girl Keitaro promised as a kid.
                          Shinobu- a 13 year old in the anime Keitaro helps her go through her parents divorce and starts living in the apartment. shes a great cook and friend but very shy and held back.
                          Motoko- a very powerful samurai type fighter, hates men because her sister quit martial arts for a man; believes in the old ways.
                         Kaolla- 14 year old that lives in the apartment, a foreigner. she is very hyper and childish and a genius inventor.
                         Mitsune- a freelance writer that lives in the apartment; but spends most of her time drinking, partying, blackmailing Keitaro, and teasing him.
                         This is a very funny anime but mostly perverted, so if you don't like that kind of stuff you wont like it. A must watch for us perverts.

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