Sunday, December 26, 2010

Anime: Witch Hunter Robin

              Witch Hunter Robin is a fantasy drama, action, and secret society type anime. The story is about STN-J a company called SOLOMON, But it mostly revolves around a STN-J member Robin.
              Robin is a craft user of fire, whom was raised in  a catholic church in Italy. Robin is the newest member of the group, she is very antisocial but grows to get use to her group. The main plot is her and the group of friends catch awaken witches, witches could be anyone and it seems when they awaken there power drives them insane or murderous. SPOILER: as Robin realizes herself she finds out the witches that they capture is actually taken to do horrible experiments on to find the witch gene, to be used in war.

               Characters: Robin is a 15 year old girl with fire-kinesics, she has the memories of a 1000 witches, and wants peace with humanity and witches.
                                Amon is Robin's partner and vowed to kill her if she becomes destructive, he isn't a witch but has the gene.
                                Haruto is the second newest member because of it he is afraid of Robin replacing him, and does reckless things because of it.
                                Michael is the hacker of the group, he is either to work for the group or die, and therefor cant leave the building.
                               Miho has the power to read the past and past emotions of objects that have been touched or around others. she tries to help Robin get even better with her craft.
                              Yurika is a lazy, vain, and immature young lady whom is a undercover intelligence for SOLOMON, to find more info on Orbo.
                              Chief Inspector Shintaro a short tempered main that updates the progress of the group to the upper guy.
                              Tokuma transforms witch blood into Orbo, which is used to stop witches.

                all in all its a great anime a definite must watch a few times over.

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