Thursday, March 17, 2011

You know, I look at this and ask myself, 'Why can't English singers make awesome music videos like this?' I mean, these days all English singers sing about is sex, alcohol, drugs, and cars :/ and the girls (IE; Rihanna, Lady GaGa, etc...) all dress up in...nothing, practically nothing, they sing around in strange lingerie which practically shows everything! Gosh, do you see K-pop singers doing that? Even J-pop? No...I mean you might...on the rare occasion :/ But yeah, why can't our music videos be as happy and lively as Girls Generation?????? :(]

Huff, anyway, to get on with things, I read an awesome manga!!!!!! Yup it was pretty cool ^_^
It's called Boku Wa Kisu de Uso wo Tsuku and it's about a girl who gets kissed in the library while she's asleep, and four hansom boys are her suspects! I loved it~ It was so good :3

Here's a link for anyone who's interested (I highly recommend it~)-


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