Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Well hello Blog that nobody even reads!! \^_^/ I seriously don't know why I write this blog, I mean seriously, what's the point...well I have to admit this blog is more entertaining than some. Once I found a blog about a guy and his was really boring cause he was old and had a boring life. ME on the other, I am a teenager, and we al know teenagers lives are filled with drama, stress, love, heartbreak and a whole lot more!

Well anyway, I'm getting off track here, at the moment I'm watching Getbackers!!!! I luv this show!! I'm loving the opening theme aswell, can't get enough of the song >_<

There we go ^_^ Not sure if anyone can see that or not...but ohwellll.

YEW, I'm also reading the latest chapter of Naruto!!!
Yup, that pretty much sums it up~

Ok, and that's about it, TATAAAA!!
(Btw...I smell belony...or something...dunno but I don't like it >_<)

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