Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm so depressed about the earthquakes T_T It's so terrible T_T Practically a quarter of Japan got wiped out!! But thankfully (I think...I hope) popular mangakas, singer, etc... are all OK, and none have been confirmed dead (praise the lord) but still, other people have lost there lives, all due to natural disaster.
You're all wondering why we're having such horrific weather, huh?(Australian flooding, NZ earthquake, now Japan as well) Well it's actually got to do with the plates adjusting, which easy terms...Earth is readjusting it's pants :/
Which sucks for us because we get the grunt of it :/
Not to mention a possible nuclear explosion or something because of the power plant :/ (Hope they didn't have a Homer :/)

Well, hopefully everything will be alright in the end, this is Japan we're talking about people! They're strong!

Anyway, on another not so depressing note I'm listening to Vocaloid ^_^
Here are just a few of the best I've listened to so far,(although all Vocaloid songs are awesome :P)


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