Sunday, March 20, 2011

Heya Mah Lovely Blog <3 ^_^

Haha, Ok, so currently I'm listening to VOCALOID (just felt like typing in caps ^_^) Anywayyyy, I'm listening to PIKO. I loveee Piko (although i still love Len a bit more) So yeh, and I reallllly love this song of his, looove it!! <3

Yes, and I reallly want to get the song...but I can't download it anyyywhereeeee :( Well I've only tried one place so far...maybe they have it on Itunes...? Hopefully, cause I really want this song :(

I'm also listening to this-

It's so funny ^_^ listening to Luka and then GaGa, hahaah.

Anyway, I just read the latest chapter of Naruto, which I am really glad for it to be out, so obviously Kishi is alive and kicking, and I've also gotta say that I'm pretty sure Naruto is coming to an end :( Unfortunatly, it probably won't end until, like July, August maybe...not sure, maybe next year??
Question is...then what am I going to read????? Actually I kinda want to read AirGear Cause I really liked the anime, but the ending was so gay, it just stopped, i was like, WTF?! So yeh, I would liek to read that I guess :)

Ok, so yeh, that's all I had to say really...for now....PEACE OUT!

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