Sunday, April 10, 2011

YAAAY, NEW POST! ^_^ Anyyywayyyy, Soooo, I went to the library ^)^

ANNNNNND I GOT OUT: Neon Genesis Evangelion!!!!!

And this is my new anime crush:

Shinji Ikari
I wuv him :3

I wassss going to get some manga aswell, but, there was a problem. The problem was, that a guy was sitting in front of the manga section, and not only was he taking up mpst of the room, he was TALKING TO HIMSELF!! YES, he was talking to himself and making weird noises! So it was creepy!! So I disn't get any manga :( Which I am sad about T_T

But on the bright side, today I went out shopping and I got some pocky!! Mmmmm, pocky :) I also went to the Japanese bakery and got a Custard Caterpillar, it's a bun full of custard :3 I also got some Japanese soda, which isn't really the best, I think I might stick to coke :3

Okay, well that's all I have to say for now ^_^ Peaceee :D

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