Monday, April 25, 2011

Importent Notes! FoR YoU!

As all of know, those who dont, i remind all that once every 3 month i post an "Important Note" that explains the purpose of this blog, the main theme and characteristics of this blog, the aim of our blog and new future post and future plans.

1.This blog's main theme is only about anime(japanesse animation) strictly about news, future anime and characters.
2.We DO NOT OWN any of the photos, stories, or animes.We only procure photos and show them to our visitors.
3.Our aim is to gain as more fans and visitors and to spread more and more this world of our The World of Anime
4.We try to create as much as possible post to increase the popularity of our blog ,but as mkany as we are we can limit maybe at a number of 5-6 post per month.
5.Thank you all for supporting us untille now.Im the host of this blog Vanesa and i want to tank you all for everything and keep staying with us along bacause we have much, much more thing that we are preparing for you all so...

MESSAGE Ookami-san and crew:We main not be ordenary but we fit in, in The World of Anime!

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