Monday, April 11, 2011

Anime Review: K-ON


Genre: Comedy, Music, School
Episodes: 13

K-ON is all about four girls who join together in saving the Light Music Club from being disbanded. There's the Guitarist Yui  Hirasawa, who at first didn't even know how to play an instrument, but soon learns guitar, there's also Ritsu, the lively drummer, Mio, the shy bassist, and Mugi, the contempt, rich, keyboard player. They all form together to make, After School Tea Time! They are then later joined by Azu-Nyan! Who's a year below them, but is a very skilled guitarist, she is also very mature.

This anime is soooooooooooooooooo awesome! It's so funny and cute! I absolutely love this anime. Right now I'm actually watching season two of it :3 Anyway, K-ON actually reminds me a lot of Lucky Star, just the atmosphere and the friendship between all of them, it's very much like Lucky Star, which is another show that I love. I totally recommend this anime, it's really good, and fun, and innocent, and sweet, and...yeah, well. I think you get me ^_^

For a treat here's my favourite song out of it (the ending)-

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