Monday, May 16, 2011

Development of 3D animations

The development of rapid computer animation world today takes tens of years in the process penciptaaannya. Animation literally means to bring a live or move. In general, menganimasi an object has a meaning to move the object to be alive.
This meaning is in the world of computer animation to further expanded due to a stationary object also includes animation. Animation silent (none motion) is used if an object is about to be introduced in detail in the pattern of the audience. Animation began to be widely recognized since the popularity of television media are able to present the moving images recording the activities of living beings, whether human, animal, or plant. If dikomparasikan with a photo or painting a picture that still (not moving) then generally preferred animated spectators being able to generate enthusiasm and emotion.

If further examination, in a variety of jobs offered by the major advantages of an animator than the camera man, that an animator can-create an object or effect that is not able to produce camera man.
For instance, an animator can create a visualization of a hurricane, volcanic eruption that released hot lava, reviving the monster dinosaur extinct several centuries ago, collapsing buildings, making the expensive F-16 aircraft exploded and burned. In fact there are many more other work done by the camera man impossible. Had to be done by the camera man, then the job will be to absorb the funds, time, and huge power.

That is the role of animation, especially animation in the computer world and the role of the architect designer animator as an animation. In coming years, predicted the world will be more sparkling animation again. For example with the release of the software eye matic face station. With the support of software-based 3D animation is the director no longer need to bring in an actress or actor who pay expensive in filmmaking. Simply by having photos side view and front view the artist's face was modeled similar to the original, in the form of three-dimensional course.
With combustion program which is a plug-in software 3D Studio Max then making the transition effect used in the turn antarsekuel movie on one side becomes easier and more attractive. So the more extensive land also offered a job and a challenge for community animators Indonesia.

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