Friday, May 13, 2011

30 Day Anime Challenge-Days 20-22

Day 20-
Favourite Shoujo anime

..............I have no idea...
I don't really watch heaps of shoujo anime, I watch a lot of action and stuff -_-
One of my faves is Vampire Knight I guess 

T_T I can't choose just ONE, golly gosh, there are to many, I love them alll~
Day 21-
Best yandere character

You know...I haven't come across a yandere character yet...I will eventually
Actually, I think that Kagura (from fruits basket) is a MILD MILD yandere, REALLY mild though, cause she's all nice and then BOOM, she's crazy! and poor Kyo is the runt of it all -_- Lool, so yes, I think she is a very mild form of yandere.


Day 22-
Favourite boys love couple

Ummm, I don't have a fave boys love couple =_=
Yeah I'm not into shounen ai and yaoi
I do like the couple, Maguri and Maora in The Gentlemens Alliance cross

The one that looks like a girl? Yeah, that's a guy >_<

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