Saturday, June 11, 2011

World Computer Animation

The development of rapid computer animation world today takes tens of years in the process
his creation. Animation literally means to bring a live or move. In general, menganimasi a
object has to move the object so that the meaning to life.
This meaning is in the world of computer animation to further expanded due to a stationary object also
including animation. Animation silent (none motion) is used if an object is about to be introduced in detail
the pattern of the audience. Animation began to be widely recognized since the popularity of television media is able to present
moving images recording the activities of living beings, whether human, animal, or plant. If
dikomparasikan with a photo or painting a picture that still (not moving) then in general the animation is preferred
the audience being able to generate enthusiasm and emotion.

Development of animation along with the development of the television world. In the beginning was created animation
based two-dimensional (2D Animation). Ie animated objects that have length (x-axis) and width (y-axis)
only. Concrete realization of the development of two-dimensional animation is quite revolutionary in the form of films made
cartoons. Seven Dwarfs (1937) and Fantasia (1940) from Walt Disney are the works of the legendary cartoon
until now. Even some of the cartoon characters made by Walt Disney can still survive and popular
until now mekipun making those films done nearly 500 years ago. When compared, little
figures once a movie that can last so long. Making animated cartoon itself
was originally done by making sketches of images that are driven one after another. To create a duration
animation requires a considerable amount of images. Since the discovery of cell animation techniques, the manufacture
become easier. Drawing paper which is used is replaced with transparent paper made from materials
Celluloid sheet. Cell animation technique is then adopted in computer animation.
Drawing paper in the manufacture of the previous animation frame and then programmed into the computer. So that
originally a collection of pictures on the computer then it is already a collection of frames
arranged in a timeline. A change in the movement of an object is animated by computers
can be made into a keyframe. Thus become much more effective and efficient compared with the animation
performed manually.

The designer of animated on a computer that is more commonly called an animator, just need to menganimasikan object
antarkeyframe. No need to create an animation frame by frame as in the making of animated images for
images in conventional cartoon filmmaking. While the frames between the keyframe will be
translated solely by computer into a movement as desired aniator. The development of the world
Computer animation is now very fast. Especially since the creation of an animation-based three-dimensional (3D
Animation), which has the length, width, and height (Z-axis) then the object and its movement almost
close to the original reality. It's just that the object is created in the virtual world (virtual reality).
This development is also accompanied by sufficient number of supporting software such as
Macromedia Flash, GLF Animation, and Corel RAVE as the software bearer two-dimensional animation.
While 3D Studio MAX, Alias ​​Wave Front AMA, Light Wave, and Cinema 4D, as the core software popular
3D animation support. With this development in this present era, the animation is not only limited to
move an object only. But it is already entered in giving texture and coloration, structure modification
and character of the object, the object morfing, giving light and camera, as well as giving and particle effects on a
objects in such a way. So that the output produced in the form of an animated object that actually
original approach in life. MORE AREA
The positive side of this phenomenon increases the extent of land a job for an animator. Not only as a
film animator in the making of the movie sequel, but an animator can be instrumental in making an ad
multimedia, filler in the manufacture of special effects music video / movie.
Also plays a role in making multimedia presentations, helped design a dynamic and interactive web and
much more land the job that demands an animator role.
If further examination, in a variety of jobs offered by the major advantages of an animator than
with the camera man, that an animator can-create an object or effect that can not afford the resulting
camera man.
For instance, an animator can create a visualization of a hurricane, volcanic eruption of hot lava which issues,
reviving the monster dinosaur extinct several centuries ago, collapsing buildings, making
as expensive as the F-16 aircraft exploded and burned. In fact there are many more other work done the impossible by
camera man. Had to be done by the camera man, then the job will be to absorb the funds, time, and
huge power.

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