Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Favorite Couple?

This months favorite couples might not be between a girl and a boy, but it sure brings back good old memories of first true love of old times. Ritsuka Aoiagi is a 12 year old boy that has recently lost his older brother, Seimen.After his death, Ritsuka and his other never been the same.


Trying to regain memories by making new ones, Ritsuka encounters a new person that claims that he was his older brother's friend, and that he was sent to be Ritsuka's fighter.

This person's name was Soubi Agatsume,"Beloved".Soubi is a 20 year old art student, that was in the past Seimen's fighter. After his death Soubi was sent to his younger brother.Even if he is dead or not, Soubi was made a strong bond with Ritsuka.The thought of killing Ritsuka one day leaves Soubi without any ideas than wanting to die instead of him.

The memories that were made remain as fragments of their bond.

Even if they don't know what their future will be or not together, a strong and unbreakable bond unites them as one, as a master and his loyal servant.


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