Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yo Yo!! Howz it hangin?!?!
Letz get down to business yo!
Haha, sorry, KillerBee moment >_<

I've finally found the anime i've been trying to get my hands on; Chobits. Although i only got volume 4. So far(in the 4 episodes that i've seen) it's been wierd. But i can't wait to watch more of it, i'll probably have to put it on hold or something. hmmm. troublesome.

I also got out!
Bleach the movie 2:The diamonddust rebellion!
I thought it was interesting
Especially since Lil Shiro was in it!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Go LIL SHIRO!! WOO!
Hahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahhahahah! ^_^

Sorry. Gomensai. But my computers going reallllllllllly slow at the moment. I'll put the rest up tommorow. Till then, seeya. ^_^/


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