Friday, October 1, 2010

Huh....well, whoops, hehe. I was going to post, like, two weeks ago, but I guess I've been busy writing my Fic on FanFiction and reading Naruto, hehe.
Anyway I watched the series Midori Days and I've got to say, that show was pretty much down right wierd; hahahahahahaha. I loved IT!! <3 hehe, midori was so cute! And seiji is awesomeness galore(my type of man ;D lol). It had a very good ending; nice and happy. Also the ending theme; i really liked that song! (i luv j-pop, j-rock all of that stuff, hehe)

Ok and nowwwwww to where I am up to in Naruto!!!!.............Chapter.................418
OH YEA! im gettin closer(although i already know what happens, cause im up to date with the manga, i mean i know who dies, and whats going on so far) so yeh!

WEllllll thats all for now, i think...i feel like i had something else to say.....but i can't remember...hmpf.....I'm so stupid sometimes...

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