Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Octobers Sonete-Music Delight

In this month will start on the playing the Falls Songs. On this month ,along with youre favorite animes, you will have the opotunity to hear theyr melody in the front line. The classics, the rocks, the sonetes and the songs all in one concert, only in this October.
This Octobers is dedicated to Musicians. So grab a sit, serach youre favorites and relax in the sonete of some of the moust wonderful musician in The Anime World. Join the Sonete!
Listen to youre Music List:

Choise a Classic Song: Vocaloid and VampireKnight

Or a more Rocking choise: Soul Eater and Macross Frontier

Or combine them and get a hunderd new Song all in one Set:

Take youre time to choise: Youre music-host Vanesa

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