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Naruto_2 tails Nekomata Nibi

2 tails Nekomata Nibi
If the wound is healing Naruto, Neji, by means of utilizing the Byakugan, notice that there is a very powerful chakra between Gaara and life. Absorbs chakra armor reminiscent of his fight with Lee Suikon, these techniques should not be underestimated. Asahi Seimei, which was not originally organized to fight Shukaku, it would be great to show off the power to approach the village of craftsmanship. Naruto, why you made so far because of his close friends, such as flash second game back again soon Naruto and his long past and understand, to get Gaara. All of a sudden, Shukaku is a sign that you are trying to manage the beast with his own will power that he really opposes the typical return to Gaara. He declares that it would protect his friends in his personal power. Asahi Seimei is to use the sword of the dragon head and three ministers, and even though we can barely hold himself, he has his trump card. He 爆竜 Ryuusa (avalanche of sediment transport) is used, and absolutely nothing happens. Despite this when he declared, will not desert him Gaara is organic to him by turning the sand to create a mineral break the stones and sand. gradually began to collapse mountains behind two, great flood of sand immediately spit out everything in sight like overtaking.

2 tails Nekomata Nibi
He begins to absorb the chakra Gaara does not interfere because they do not have non-coward Gaara anyone. He never Hougeki Saikou raise your hand, not a 咆吼 Shukaku (absolute, final assault: Shukaku Spear) is used! He threw a huge spear, straight through the armor of life it is. Life can not understand it, but you are as Gaara can not anyway, someone's life look like men and women as a weapon, are described. Retreat toward the sand, but life, Gaara is Taisou desert (Desert Imperial Funeral) are used. And a huge shock wave that ripples in the sand and, suddenly stopped coming to life lifestyle, all of which are small fragments that appear throughout the sand. Gaara will then collapse from fatigue of the Chakra.

2 tails Nekomata Nibi
After the leaves back, open your eyes Naruto, ship, he discovers that followed. Naruto is off-hook on the train, and ship him, nevertheless, not after all this time, but a bit annoying that you have, your ship, but he has a motive,: he has figured out the motive behind the actions of the dawn. His time is up, before they make their move, Naruto is going to help hone his skills.
One day later, Shikamaru and the Sand brothers, but they give thanks for all the other Naruto, he would be leaving so soon, not anywhere to be a discovery. However, since his festival, she asks Shikamaru to tell Naruto that you understand what you were trying to inform her that Gaara.

Naruto was packed all his things, and leaves his estate, the last one takes a look at the pictures of the team 7.when collectively they all had.

2 tails Nekomata Nibi
The Tower firelight, Tsunade tells Shikamaru article about rumors that she mission. She was giving him a grade is not ideal, she is still not showing Shikamaru approach so characteristic long, extra missions.which she will be assigned to him so much as she was exactly his excellent problem knows that there is no guarantee.

When grown in the first disciple of Tsunade, she, like the long past, Sakura is a medical ninja training to her by healing fish health. Ino arrives, she is the last mission, she needs as much as Sakura's staff it is very wasteful as it is not permitted to be given that. Ask why she is Sakura Tsunade ask for her and she decided that she would care too ninja. Positive, would do it Sakura, Ino, but she, since your time, and Sakura and her little sister is probably the senior medical ninja (older) declare that they play. The two would trade their classic insult.

2 tails Nekomata Nibi
Dojo in other locations in Tenten, in the midst of throwing wild punches and kicks to Lee, she will be asked to understand why it is the only one remaining from the mission. Lee, Tenten is reminiscent of the mission team was already out of her Kotarou, this does not calm down Tenten. From a safe distance, Chouji, Shino, Kiba, and fighting erupted, leaving the village and Naruto said, you know that peace would be as a result leaves them reasonably. Lee, although they are down to remind them to train harder and have more than Naruto, as a result of diverted his focus from Tenten, fierce kick coming in to deal with her In order to provide and take this chance.

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