Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Naruto Uzumaki Hokage

The entire cartoon series is based on the world of ninja. It's a big country and it does not matter which five other countries, consisting of 2-3 held in the virtual world. Fire hero Naruto Uzumaki in the country, even the hidden leaf village of Konohagakure is lead by the Hokage know a resident. Hidden Leaf Village people are going to follow the will of fire. It is mainly of a series of features and most of the series of events will take place.

Other countries are as follows:

Wind of the country - it Kazekage.The the village ninja village hidden by the sand, lead a host of youth, but that they also use puppets fighting.The eulwihan current Kazekage.The Garra boldoeeotseupnida based on the series that specializes in wind Naruto is a very good friend.

Water Country - it's like to graduate to train such a cruel way to kill their own comrades, such as using hidden in the mist also known as the Bloody Mist Village are held. In addition, a huge amount of chakra seven swordsmen wield a heavy sword, which is the number.

Lightning in the land - it Raikage Village hidden in a cloud of lead are held. The ninjas of the village youth-based professional lighting.

Earth's land - it's by Tsuchikage hidden village of the district to hold the lead. Ninja of the village district-based youth specialist.

But other towns that appeared in comics is not important: -

Wave Country - The team that is one of the seven swordsman fighting Zabuza Naruto manga and the first two places will be displayed in their actual combat experience in it gets. It does not have any of the hidden villages.

Rice is the country - it has lead to Orochimaru's Hidden Sound Village will be held. The ninjas of the village, specializing in youth-based sound, but the main purpose of the town to conduct their own experiments Orochimaru was to serve as a safe house.

Star of the land - it's hidden village will hold a star. It is not a part of the original cartoon series was shown in the animated series.

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