Saturday, September 18, 2010

!Important Notes! For YOU!

As well you all know i, Vanesa, the host of the blog, have gaved you for a year and a half, on each month new anime articles witch includes new HQ photoes and cool news about youre favorite animes. As you know in the August month, The World of Anime has made a year since it was created and i had to make a short aniversary because of my personal vacation in Spain.
I wanted to informe you all that our blog tanks you for youre support past this year and we will asure you that this will ony be the beginin of a new START.We will love to make new and improved articles with twice animes untile now.
We hope to achive a more highed popularity and have new animes aring on our blog among them there will be: Tear to Toara, Meine Liebe, xxxHolic, BlackBloodBrothers, Trinity Blood, Tsubasa Cronicles, Letter Bee, Shiki and more others to come!
For now we are working at the new section, Manga Section for manga lovers and Code Geass Project-more info SOON!
As for now i want to spend the Fall togheter with all of you, anime lovers and fans, to TNX for the support at The World of Anime!
MESSAGE Soul Eater:-Stai among US or we will take youre SOUL!-

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