Friday, September 17, 2010

HEEEEY!! I was going to update like 4 days ago but i never got aroud toit; oops ^_^/.
Well anyway I finally got my hands on an anime movie I've been wanting to see for yonks!! "Kiki's Delivery Service"! It is such a cute movie!! It's about a 13 year old young witch who goes out into the big wide world and then she finds this bakery and starts a delivery service and lets not forget her cute little black cat jiji!! Haha i loved that movie...but i have seen better *cough cough spirited away, cough cough*

Weell thenn an update on my whereabouts in naruto!! Im up to Chapter....376...nearly there!!
It's where jiraiya is up against Pein/Nagato!!

Oh also before i forget; guess what anime i've started watchingg!?
AND IT IS AWSOME!!!! i love the opening song...i just love it and ichigo is pretty funny and hat and clogs is tooo!!!

So yup, well that's all for now, PEACE OUT!! ^_^

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