Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yayyy on the weekend i went to the library..and guess what?! they had the right volume of naruto i needed, yeh!!!!!! Oh and i got a new manga called vampire game its really random just found it at my library so i got it. Oh and today i started watching ouran high school host club the anime, the voices are really wierd and tamaki's voice is the same as eds in fullmetal!! its pretty funny! i dont like haruhi's voice though, she sounds too much like a woman, like a business woman...lol hehehehehe.
I'm actuelly watching ep 3 at the moment and its pretty random if i do say so myself.

The latest chapter im up too on naruto is pretty wierd too im up too chapter 264(yeh i know im pretty behind but i only started it last month or maybe the month before that) anyways dei dei(deidara) was sitting on gaara!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hope gaaras not dead i luv gaara waaaaahhhhhhhhhh :'(

Anyways thats all for now so peace out!!!!!! ^_^

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