Monday, August 23, 2010

Well hello there!!! I wonder if anyones actuelly reading this....yeh probably not but who cares?!?!?!! Anyway recently I have gotten out the filler episodes of naruto before shippuden and god are they funny!! ^_^ especially when naruto comes across hinata in the waterfall LOL anyways i also got out naruto shippuden the movie and again LOL at Lee hahaha he is so funny he's like drunk and naruto carrying him and he bashes his head on the tree WTF HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and at the end when the priestess ask naruto to help her with the next priestess(wink wink ;D) and lol at Lee&Kakashi's face hehe.
Also i got this anime movie out called Tokyo Godfathers and how random is that!! So random its about these three homless people(a trany, a alcholic/gambler and a little girl) who find this abandoned baby and go on this crazy adventure to try and find its parents. It is so whacked but hilarious!!

Oh also before i forget just an update on the chapter im up to in naruto...wait just let me chack.....ah yes chapter 300 Boo-Yah!!^_^

Well thats all for now so Peace Out!!!!! ^_^ /

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