Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wellll Hellooo there!! Im.......well you dont need to know that mwahahahaha, um anyways well this is my first post and i'll tell yous..well if anybody reads this, which they probably won't anyway i luv anime and manga so i made a blog about all the mangas i start reading, the animes i start watchin and heaps other stuff and i'll also be posting funny pics of animes i like and stuff like that so for now i'll tell you this...

mangas im reading:

*Full metal alchamist(nearly finished)

*Naruto(my personal favourite)

*kimi no iru machi

*Yoru made matenai

And i havnt really found a good anime to watch yet because mainly i dont have austar wich sucks, my library has a shit supply and they dont really sell anime in stores only the crap american made ones like for e.g....Dinosaur King and Yu Gi OH...crappy little kid shows.

I like animes like:

*fullmetal alchamist, which ive seen the whole series to but am waiting for the brotherhood one which is more based on the manga am waiting for the english dub that is, which mite take awhile

*Tsubasa cronicle ooh loved that show

*school rumble, pissed my pants laughin at that one

and heaps others..... anyways peace out!!^_^

First funny anime pic at top LOL(rock lee from naruto)

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