Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Puffy and Fluffy Clody Clouds

I was siting and thinking while i was watching the sky.Then it fell to me.How about making this month the month in which we see how animes are falling from the clouds?
This month all youre favorite animes are flying trought the blue sky,playing with the white bird, jumping among the puffy clouds and faling on earth at any second.
The host of this months theme is no other then those from Angel Beats! and they are promesing you new animes that are waithing to come here, with new cool storyes and new super photoes, among these those in waithing are from Code Geass, Tsubasa Cronicle, Letter Bee, La Corda D'oro, Soul Eater and more others to come, in suprize.
So if you want to have the best of all July, stay along us and visit my Blog The World of Anime.
TNX for Suporting Me! Youre real host Vanesa

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