Wednesday, June 23, 2010

!NEW! Important Notes ! For YOU!

AS you all know i, your friend ,Vanesa, am posting each mounth a new article about new anime news with new photoes and some hot stories about some of the coolest anime couples.BUT...
I dont have really much time to stay on my blog and i dont have the time to make new articles every time, so when i catch a moment i renew older articles with new photoes and new screenshots and so i advice you, when you check my blog: all the articles where there are notes
2.check the older articles to see if something new has come.
3.leave, if you want, comments (i havent got any comments)
4.if you have ideas or sugestions about the blog or cool animes mail me at
5.HAVE as much as you want fun and visit my blog every time YOU want!
T.T And some mistakes i had on my blog: I AM SORRY about them like missing screenshots and not redering all photoes, wallpapers and screenshots but...
Its kinda hard when you have a laptop
So for now i am waithing for youre advice untile then MATHANE (see you again)

!TNX FOR UNDERSTANDING:mesage Katanagatari!
!From youre host:Vanesa!

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