Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Naruto Shippuuden 117

Sasuke takes Karin and Suigetsu to go find Jugo in the North hideout. As when Sasuke went to recruit Karen, Suigetsu asks Sasuke why he wants to recruit Jugo. Jugo is known to be a blood thirst killing machine when the curse mark takes over. Apparently, Sasuke seems some advantage in having Jugo's strength on his side. Or perhaps it's the fact that Jugo is the originator of the curse mark.

Suigetsu and Karin are still reluctant to admit that they're following Sasuke of their own will. They both insist that they have other plans and that following along with Sasuke somehow will help them to reach their goals. It seems pretty obvious that they will stick with him til the end though.

They reach the North hideout to find that all of the guards have been slain and Orochimaru's test subjects have escaped. Despite their escape, the test subjects seem to be lingering around, taking over the hideout. However, Jugo is still locked up inside. Apparently, all of Orochimaru's other test subjects are afraid of him.
Sasuke and Suigetsu go on an Orochimaru's test subject butt kicking spree. At Sasuke's request, none of the test subjects are killed. Then the search for Jugo commences with Karin at the lead searching for signs of his chakra. She takes the opportunity to trick Suigetsu into walking down the wrong path while she steals some private time along with Sasuke.

Though nothing particularly interesting happens during this private time, Karin leads Sasuke to where Jugo is kept. Jugo leaves his prison with a ferocity of bloodlust, planning to kill Sasuke. Sasuke has another plan in mind. Instead of fighting, he'd rather be diplomatic and talk to Jugo about joining his group. Jugo, however, is reluctant to leave the hideout. The episode tapers off mid-fight between Sasuke and Jugo. The next episode will surely cover the reason that Jugo does not want to leave the North hideout.

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